Podcast Interview with Sheila Sutherland

Join Sheila Sutherland and I as we discuss how to ignite your purpose through minimalist living. By minimizing the distractions in our lives we can focus on what's important to us. We discuss ways simplifying your life can forever change your life through increased abundance, time and joy. 



Sheila's podcast, "Reignite Your Purpose-For Life, For Love, For You." Will inspire to you to make the changes in your life required for love, joy and laughter to return to you in full. Her guests will inspire you to make baby steps towards the new you with love in your heart and abundance on your mind.

"Sheila Sutherland is a Certified Life and Relationship Mastery Coach, Professional Educator, Speaker, Podcaster, Best Selling Author and is the ONLY licensed Oh, Shift® Facilitator in Canada. Sheila believes that the relationship with self is the foundation upon which everything in your life is built and is on a mission to take the selfish out of self-care and self-love, as you deserve to be a priority in your own life!
Sheila empowers people to effectively manage their emotions through shifting their mindset, behaviors and communication, so they can live a more authentic, connected and vibrant life."