Tiny House Survey

Tiny Houses are a great way to approach attainable housing in your community. Tiny houses are defined as homes under 400 square feet, stick built construction, and can be either on a foundation or on wheels. We are gathering information to use in our presentation to local municipalities, states, and even nation wide. These results will be anonymous and will be free to borrow on my website www.mindfulminimalistmama.com and at https://americantinyhouseassociation.org/. This is for everyone, not just those who want to live tiny. Municipalities want to know how the surrounding community feels about tiny homes as well. Thank you for your participation and helping us ensure attainable, sustainable, and quality housing is available for all. Feel free to share on your main page as well.

Fill out survey here: https://survey.sogosurvey.com/r/dmjqVz

Click the Button Below for Access to the 2019 Tiny House Survey results:

Legalize Tiny Resources

This Powerpoint had great responses from Jefferson County in Colorado. Feel free to use for your efforts to legalize tiny homes in your community.