A beautiful world

He sleds left empty after a beautiful evening of outdoor play. I am reminded of the millions of people who decided to hush their inner child. To conform to a modern society gone wrong. Not me! I will forever live in the moment as a child and feel the wind in my hair as I sled down the hill yelling “weeeeee” as my son races beside me. Getting here wasn’t easy, but so worth it. We gave up a large home, jobs, possessions, dance cars, etc to get to a place where our hearts will shine. I will create a world where you can live with the luxuries of modern society in a sustainable way where money has no value and love conquers all. For now I sit and stare at the empty sleds as a reminder to never let go of my inner child, to never “grow up”, but to learn lessons as I go and grow wisdoms while keeping a spring in my step and a song in my heart! #mindfulminimalistmama #innerchild #collectiveconsciousness #collectiveevolution #blessed #❤️ #earthangel #wiseone #bethechange #aworldofpeace