Children are our teachers

I see your wisdom and I am thankful I finally decided to believe it. As a baby I didn’t honor your power and insight. I have learned my lesson dear one as you come into this world to teach, to create change and to bring me a greater understating if myself as I watch you honor your skills and knowing. I guide you in how to release the hurt in the world around you. Others see a defiant boy I see a boy who desperately wants a better world filled with joy and laughter and is frustrated with the petty tribal ways of life. I see you watch me run around frantically with a scowl to remind me that it can be done later and now is the time for fun. I shall set boundaries for myself but never crush your spirit. As we dance and work regather to find balance we learn and grow, rv and flow to the Rhythm of Mother Earths heart beat. I see you for I am you and you are me. I am love, I am light, I am protected. As we go to sleep we share this prayer honoring our true nature and our journey as lightworkers. #mindfulminimalistmama#earthangel #wiseone #blessed#gentleparenting #mindfulparenting#newbeginnings #wisdom#thewisdomofachild #❤️ #✌️ #lightworker

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