Dream it, Create it, Build a better world!

As two coyotes crossed our paths we both looked into each other’s eyes. A wave of respect ripples through me as I felt their power, grace, stealth and beauty. Living in a world forgotten as they manage their new urban life. They ran like the wind from memories of past encounters of humans and all I wanted to do was hear their secrets. How do you live in this urban world and honor your animal spirit. All I want to do is run into the first and twirl in the light that flickers through the leaves in the trees. To only hear the story from the ravens mouth as he tells tales of the trees. Yet here I sit with the hum of a freeway in the distance and he smell of car exhaust. Yearning for a place to call Home. We will create a world where nature and technology co-exist. We will create a world in harmony with Mother Earth. We can have luxury and simplicity at the same time. We can technology and nature at the same time. We can have non toxic and advanced at the same time. If we only will it to be so and collaborate together instead of compete. Do you dare come with me to a new world full of beauty and wisdom? Dream it and live it. Create it and build it! Together we will exist in harmony with all creatures and elements of this place we call Earth. Join me and many others in a place where there are more than two options to solve the worlds problems #mindfulminimalistmama#bethechange #lightworker#newbeginnings #❤️ #✌️#collectiveevolution#collectiveconsciousness

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