We can’t always see the sun but we know it’s still there. We can’t always see the light shining in the heart of another but we see glimpses in their eye or in a shy smile. So many people are afraid to shine their light, to be their authentic self out of fear and yet it’s the only thing that will save us! Many of us forgot who we are as we conformed to society’s expectations often as early as middle school. No longer will I hide behind others expectations. I am me and I can only be me. What I believe is what matters as long as it comes from a place of love, empathy and joy. I remember talking to the trees as a young girl, believing in fairies and dancing in the forest. Modern life sucked the life out of me and yet my inner light survived. I am here again to shine, to reclaim my joy, to talk to the rocks and ask them their secrets, to bless the sun as it dances on the waves, to gaze at the moon lovingly as it’s mystery bursts forth. What is silly to you gives me life. What you find empowering may seem silly to me at first and then I realize that we must honor each other’s gifts and see the beauty within us all. #mindfulminimalistmama #blessed #collectiveevolution #collectiveconsciousness #❤️ #bethechange #followyourbliss #wiseone #earthangel #newbeginnings