Rethink Sleep

A dog doesn’t worry about how much sleep they get. They just sleep when they are tired and wake up when they feel like it. I am still working on releasing these old feelings of not getting enough sleep. We are all told how much adults need but I have found that is not about the hours of sleep but the mindset. I wake often at night and used to get upset and now I use the opportunity to write down thoughts, stretch or meditate. I find myself worrying about my son’s sleep instead of honoring he will sleep when he is tired and wake when he is ready. I realize not all families have the blessing of homeschooling but we do the best we can to take the stress out of sleep. Everyday learning and creating a space for rest whether that is sleep or not is not to be worries about. #mindfulminimalistmama #sleep #collectiveevolution #collectiveconsciousness #blessed #blacklab #❤️ #indigochild #indigoadult #wiseone #earthangel