Shadow work...excepting the whole self

  • The last few months I have been diving deep into my shadows. The parts of me I don’t want to admit are there. The parts of me that want to control situations instead of go with the flow. The parts of me that blame others instead of owning up to my part of the problem. I am blessed to have friends that help me own up to this darker side of me and by accepting it I feel freed. Instead of stepping out of the shadows, I dive deeper to reveal an authentic me that can be aware of my less loving qualities therefore I am able to adjust my thinking more quickly and move into the light with vitality and purpose. Accepting we have faults is the first step of many to loving thyself fully. But also to know that these traits aren’t bad, simply things to be aware of, pause, reflect and move forward with grace. #mindfulminimalistmama #blessed#shadowwork #newbeginnings#collectiveconsciousness#collectiveevolution #earthangel #wiseone#foreverlearning #motherearth #blacklab#minnesotawinter #❤️ #bethechange
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