We are the change!

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Will our children have clean air to breath? What about clean food and water? Are you using products that support our environment or poison it? Are you supporting companies that practice sustainability or use wasteful detrimental practices? Are you supporting fair trade or local small business companies or unethical and industrial companies.


No longer can we point our fingers elsewhere! WE ARE TO BLAME! By supporting harmful practices you are perpetuating the problem. We turn a blind eye, blame the elite or the system. But wait a minute we are the system!!! By putting money into a broken system we are supporting it. By sending our kids to dysfunctional schools we are supporting the system. By watching mainstream media we are supporting it. We vote with our dollars, with our actions and with our words.


Until we take ownership and practice self love and mindful spending , we will continue to destroy the world our children will live in. Spread joy, love, wisdom! Don't fall for the media's view of the world. Seek out the stories of those thriving, those making a difference!


We live in a society focused on fixing problems instead of preventing them. Mental health begins at conception, so it's high time we put our money into supporting pregnant women instead of rehab centers, jails, etc.


We, the awoken women of the world, our the planets lasts hope. We raise our children with love, wisdom and grace. We teach the art of conversation, empathy and love. We support other mothers starting from conception on, giving women resources for a more holistic, authentic path. We share our unique gift with the world and show our children that by following your bliss and passions you will love a fulfilled and abundant life!


I stand with your wild woman! I send you all my love, abundance and blessings on your journey. May you see obstacles as lessons and hard times as a reminder of how good you can have it. May you find your circle of friends that raise you up! May you find time in the quiet darkness of meditation where your inner truth comes forth. Love and blessings always!


Emily Gerde

"Mindful Minimalist Mama"