May Abundance Flow To You With Ease. May You Follow Your Bliss and Live the Life You Always Dreamed Of!

~Emily Gerde~


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All Things Tiny Houses

All Things Tiny Houses

You’re one stop shop for all things tiny houses including:

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Mindful Minimalist Mama

Looking for a Simple Life! Look no Further

Looking for a Simple Life! Look no Further

Parenting is a beautiful and challenging experience. I learn more about myself through my son than I ever did before. Find all things here that are:

  • Organic Lifestyle

  • Holistic Healing

  • Reiki/Spiritual Journey

  • Unschooling

  • Gentle Parenting

Words From Our Tribe

ABundance flows where knowledge grows

ABundance flows where knowledge grows

We learn through hearing multiple views from a variety of people. Here you will find interviews from:

  • Holistic Healers

  • Tiny House Dwellers

  • Organic Farmers

  • Moms of all walks of life

  • and so much more…

For our family, Minimalism is about simplifying life and maximizing experiences. We have come to realize that the old saying “less is more” rings true now more than ever. We find ourselves with less stress, less stuff, less responsibilities, less space, less distractions, and less chaos. Of course, that means we have found more love, joy, and adventure through following our passions and desires. I share my story of simplifying in hopes to touch even just one person’s life. I want to inspire humanity to heal their mind, body, and soul by getting back to the basics.

Thank you for supporting our families mission to build tiny house communities across the country by buying my book and giving it to a friend, family or co-worker to share the joy of minimalist living.


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