Tiny House Movement

 “Luxury Tiny Houses” vs not? Luxury tiny homes.... Ok everyone... take a deep breath and leave your ego aside.

Now I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people say “that’s way to expensive for a tiny house! Doesn’t that go against the whole movement?” Wait...hold up..... Who assigned the tiny house movement police? Why wasn’t I assigned? And can I get a badge?

But seriously people!!! Aren’t we in this together? What is the definition of the tiny house movement? Well there isn’t one and if you think there is... please hold on for a minute

Some people live in tiny houses for environmental reasons... to be more sustainable, resource conscious and off grid capabilities

Others do it for financial reasons... to get out of debt and out of the rat race

Yet others I have seen do it because they can build a non toxic home where their allergies and illness can be kept at bay

And still others do it for emotional reasons... to destress, rekindle their relationship with themselves and others, to raise a family the way they want to

And the list goes on.... So, how can we describe all these people in one definition? We can’t really... don’t even get me started on the square foot issue! We could be here forever debating.. 300, 500, 800 square feet.... We are however... ALL interested in a new way of life, simplifying and following our passions and dreams. Ok sooooooo

How can people say that a tiny house is too expensive? We all go into for different reasons! If someone buys a $120,000 tony house on wheels at 300 square feet ... are they not a part of the tiny house movement?

OF COURSE THEY ARE! They are simplifying their lives in a way that works for them. If they want nice things and to be comfortable, so what!!! If you want to build yours yourself with all used materials that is amazing and very admirable!

Some of us don’t have the skills, time, or know how to do it that way... that doesn’t mean we are not embodying the movement!!! Whether you have a camper, a yurt, a tiny house on wheels, an 800 square foot tiny house on foundation ... YOU ARE HERe TO SAY... enough is enough! I will live my life more consciously, by using less resources, wasting le #tinyhouse


My Book on Amazon

My book is on Amazon! So excited and thankful! Thank you to everyone who contributed, watched Wyatt, inspired me and supported me through this journey! #mindfulminimalistmama #minimalistlivingforamaximumlife #newauthor #newyorkbestseller #newyorkbestsellers #noteworthy #upandcoming #hotoffthepress #newbeginnings #gratitude #tinyhouselife #tinyhousebigmoments #tinyhousefamily #tinyhouseliving #minimalist #minimalism #tinyhouse #tinyhouseonwheels #simple #thesimplelife #mindfulness #❤️ #bethechange #followyourbliss #followyourdreams #heal #inspire


Natural Spring Water

Our beautiful natural spring water determined to make it through the winter! We are loving this water that comes from 100 years ago before the use of heavy pesticides and fertilizers! If you can get water from the source, it’s the best way to go. This is tested monthly by the university of Minnesota for safety for an extra bonus! #mindfulminimalistmama #springwater #naturalspring #blessed #freshwater #fredrickmillerspring #❤️ #cleanwater


Nature play is essential

My friend and I were enjoying watching our kids walk through the tall grass and a lady said “just be careful they may cut their hands on the grass. It’s sharp!” I was speechless!!! It’s not the ladies fault by any means but she clearly hasn’t walked through tall grass as it is not sharp. It got me thinking of how disconnected from nature our society is to think grass is painful and concrete is safe. I will continue to inspire parents to get there kids outside by simplifying their lives so they have more time for nature. #mindfulminimalistmama


As many celebrate Christmas I am reminded of this amazing documentary reminding us on how all the works religions are more alike than they are different. Understanding history without biased is an essential part of human development. May we focus on the message of love and compassion that underlines all beliefs and skip the part where man intervened with their opinions of their time, politics and religion. We are humanity, we are all divine and we are love. Blessing to you on this day where we celebrate the return of the sun and look to a time of rebirth this spring. For now enjoy this time to reflect, connect and rest. #mindfulminimalistmama #collectiveconsciousness #collectiveevolution #mindful #worldreligions #merrychristmas #blessed #❤️


Nature’s innate beauty

It’s the little things in life that hold the most mystery. Nature provides us with the most amazing designs if we take the time to listen. Just taking a long walk outside and noticing what you see can provide healing and chase your troubles away. We found this beautiful ice sculpture playing with a log. A dance of holding on and letting go. #mindfulminimalistmama #getintonature #blessed #❤️ #bethechange #motherearth #wiseone #earthangel #indigochild #crystalchild #naruresbeauty


We can’t always see the sun but we know it’s still there. We can’t always see the light shining in the heart of another but we see glimpses in their eye or in a shy smile. So many people are afraid to shine their light, to be their authentic self out of fear and yet it’s the only thing that will save us! Many of us forgot who we are as we conformed to society’s expectations often as early as middle school. No longer will I hide behind others expectations. I am me and I can only be me. What I believe is what matters as long as it comes from a place of love, empathy and joy. I remember talking to the trees as a young girl, believing in fairies and dancing in the forest. Modern life sucked the life out of me and yet my inner light survived. I am here again to shine, to reclaim my joy, to talk to the rocks and ask them their secrets, to bless the sun as it dances on the waves, to gaze at the moon lovingly as it’s mystery bursts forth. What is silly to you gives me life. What you find empowering may seem silly to me at first and then I realize that we must honor each other’s gifts and see the beauty within us all. #mindfulminimalistmama #blessed #collectiveevolution #collectiveconsciousness #❤️ #bethechange #followyourbliss #wiseone #earthangel #newbeginnings